The opening speech of the President of the Arab Women Association in the maritime sector in year 2017\ 2019

The establishing of AWIMA aims to achieve sustainable development and gender equality to foster exchanging knowledge and experience and to develop the cooperation in maritime transport and ports sector among Arab countries , to improve the professional capacities of women that work in maritime sector by building their skills and developing their professional abilities. Along the lines of the bonds  that have been activated in other areas and international programs that serve the international community in this field , especially the positive results that have been  achieved under the supervision of the International maritime organization

The association derives its basis  from the historical , cultural , religious and  environmental bonds for Arab communities that will ease  communication, rooting the cognitive investments and women role that act as a cornerstone of the family and bringing up children

IMO cared about implementing its program of technical cooperation and one of it’s important programs is empowering working women in maritime sector in response to achieve  the goals of sustainable development particularly the fifth goal that is related to gender equality and empowering women and girls to work in this sector efficiently and also the 17th goal which is supporting means of implementation  and activating the global partnership for the sake of sustainable development


Ms. Wijdan Aly ElSuhaibani

The President of AWIMA