Guidelines for establishment of AWIMA



                              WOMEN IN THE MARITIME SECTOR (WIMA)









The objectives underpinning the assistance to regional associations are as follows:


    1. Enhanced national and regional recognition of the role of Arab women as a resource for the maritime industry;
    2. strengthened cooperation network among Arab women in the port and maritime Sectors of the region or subregion;
    3. national and regional capacity-building; and
    4. increased employment opportunities for Arab women at the higher management levels of the port and maritime sectors.





  • President, serving pro bono
  • Vice-President, serving pro bono
  • Governing Council, serving pro bono (posts listed in Section 7)
  • Director of the AWIMA Secretariat (with assistance of: administrative officer; and IT officer)



  1. AWIMA Secretariat


  1. The AWIMA Secretariat ensures the continuity and institutional memory for the Association. It is recommended to maintain a strong Secretariat in order to facilitate the ongoing work and activities throughout the development of AWIMA.
  2. The AWIMA Secretariat will act as the central point of contact for all Members and external stakeholders.
  3. The AWIMA Secretariat is managed on behalf of the Association by a Director, to be appointed on a permanent basis by the Secretariat official host entity;
  4. the AWIMA Secretariat will be supported by an IT and database officer;
  5. the Secretariat Director is a Member of the AWIMA Governing Council;



  1. AWIMA Secretariat responsibilities


  1. The AWIMA Secretariat will have the main responsibility for:


    1. Managing the funding provided to AWIMA by its Members and by donors, including establishment of the AWIMA bank account in a branch where the AWIMA Secretariat is based, and reporting on expenditure to the AWIMA Governing Council and annual meeting;




1                 WIMA: regional or sub-regional association launched, under the auspices of IMO, for women in the maritime sector (reference SDG5)




    1. Any funds spent by AWIMA will require the signatures of both the President of AWIMA and the Director of the AWIMA Secretariat; and
    2. Managing the relevant website, social media… etc., for AWIMA.


  1. coordination of communication with Members and with IMO;
  2. coordination and dissemination of information during the year;
  3. ensuring continuity of the Association;
  4. maintaining database of AWIMA Members and other relevant stakeholder contacts;
  5. support to National Chapters associated with the AWIMA;
  6. coordination of the implementation of the AWIMA annual Work Programme, in collaboration with the Governing Council;
  7. jointly implement IMO ITCP-related activities, as requested by IMO and approved by the AWIMA President;
  8. reporting to IMO (annual report to the Technical Cooperation Committee, drafted by the Drafting Member of the Governing Council in conjunction with the Governing Council); and
  9. issuance of the AWIMA Membership ID cards.





  1. AWIMA Secretariat premises


The official entity hosting the AWIMA Secretariat is typically responsible for providing the following:


  1. Permanent AWIMA Secretariat offices;

supplementary remuneration for three Secretariat posts (Director; administrative assistant; and IT officer) – dependent on availability of funding;

  1. funding for supporting office equipment and material: telephones; computers; printers; photocopiers; laptops; and
  2. funding for annual running costs of the Secretariat, with operational costs (electricity; air conditioning as required; office supplies for the photocopier).



  1. AWIMA annual meetings


The country hosting the AWIMA meetings (the host country) will provide the following:


  1. venue:    including    main    conference/meeting    hall;    room    for    secretarial    and support staff;
  2. meeting facilities: IT facilities; overhead projector; microphones; photocopying facilities;
  3. interpretation services (as required);
  4. transport for participants to and from the nearest international airport;
  5. field visit and related transport; and
  6. refreshments during coffee/tea breaks for meeting participants



  1. AWIMA governance


  1. The position of the President of AWIMA is rotational among Member States;
  2. the President is elected by the participating Members at the Association annual meeting (by 50% +1 of the Members present), for a one-year term renewable;



  1. the President is responsible for high-level coordination with maritime administrations and other major stakeholders, including donors, and for identifying external resources (financial and in-kind) on behalf of the Association;
  2. the Governing Council is to be elected by the participating Members at the Association annual meeting, for a one year term renewable; and
  3. Governing Council posts, in addition to the AWIMA President and Vice-President, could include the following (the list is indicative only – to be determined at the annual meeting), with the following non-exhaustive list of duties:


    • President: responsible for representing AWIMA in the international forums; and primary fund-raiser.
    • Vice-President: support the President in her duties, and provide guidance to other members, as required.
    • Director AWIMA Secretariat: see Section 4 above.
    • Communications Media Officer: drafting information for uploading to the AWIMA Website (which will be maintained by the Secretariat); drafting media news and information documentation; responding to AWIMA Facebook and Twitter comments.
    • Strategy Development Officer: Development of medium and short term strategy for the expansion of the Association and the development of projects.
    • Membership Registrar: responsible for vetting applications to AWIMA and preparing relevant lists for transmission to the Secretariat (which is responsible for importing the up to date information to the relevant database).
    • Reporting: recording of decisions at the Annual Meetings of AWIMA and any other relevant events; drafting of annual report to be transmitted by the President (through her national delegation to IMO) to the annual meeting of the Technical Cooperation Committee.
    • Legal Officer: responsible for overseeing any legal matters pertaining to AWIMA and providing advice thereon.
    • Treasurer: responsible for compiling income and  expenditure  reports,  and receipt of donor funding.


  1. National Chapters will receive advice and guidance from all members of the Governing Council, as requested.


  1. Eligibility criteria for AWIMA membership


  1. Age requirement: women under the age of retirement to be admitted as an AWIMA Member;
  2. Serving in the maritime Administrations, maritime academies, shipping industries or related fields;
  3. the maximum age for any Member to be eligible for Fellowship funding in support of long term training (over 3 months) is 52 years, so as to enable enough years of service in which to apply the knowledge and skills thus gained;
  4. in order to be eligible for long term training through the auspices of AWIMA, the nominating country will formally agree to ensure the Fellow will return to their administration for a minimum number of years; and
  5. an AWIMA Member must be a graduate in a maritime subject, master mariner, maritime training lecturer, maritime administration, or have been employed in the maritime sector at a professional level for a minimum of 5 years.