Stop Violence against women for women working in the Arab Maritime Sector Webinar

Friday, 20 November 2020

The General Secretariat of the Arab Women In The Maritime Sector are pleased and honored to invite you to attend a virtual seminar on the below topic:

"Stop Violence against women for women working in the Arab Maritime Sector"

In this Zoom Webinar , we will have an insightful discussion and presentation by the specialized and prominent female figures in the field. This symposium was planned through the electronic platform for the attendance of all women working in the Arab maritime sector to share relevant information, raise the capacity building, and strengthen the communication network.

Date: Wednesday 25 November 2020  

Time : 11:00 am Egypt Time

To register for free, please click on the below link:

Meeting ID: 939 8791 3948

Passcode: X3EKS4

Webinar interlocutor:

Professor / Zainab bin Salem

1. Defining violence in all its types and forms

Psychological, physical, verbal and economic violence

2. The causes of violence and its social, psychological and economic motive

3. All the signs of violence on women are as follows

Health, psychological, economic and social impacts

4. How to prevent and reduce violence

5. Solutions to eliminate violence against women taken from:

By society in general and by civil society in particular

- From the family

- By educational institutions

- By the work environment

- By the World Health Organization

6. Examples of celebrities who have been subjected to violence

With the involvement of the interlocutors and participants, answering their inquiries and hearing real cases, if exists.

 Your participation is important to us for a better future to empower Arab women in the maritime sector.