2nd continental conference/Annual General Meeting, Women Maritime Africa (WIMAFRICA) 29th &30th October 2018

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

2 nd continental conference/Annual General Meeting, Women Maritime Africa (WIMAFRICA) 29th &30th October 2018

the Lantana Hall, Eko Hotel & Suites,Victoria Island, Logos – Nigeria

“Trade Facilitation for African Integration- Prospects and Challenges”

Network for Professional Women in the Maritime and Port Sectors of the West and Central Africa region


            The Director of  the Secretariat Miss. Shireene  Galal attended the second conference \ the Annual meeting of the General Assembly for African Women in Africa(WIMAFRICA)  with the support of the IMO, 29- 30 October 2018 , in Lantana Hall, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Nigeria.

The meeting was about “Trade Facilitation for African Integration- Horizons and Challenges.”

The Network of professional women in Maritime and port sectors in West and Central Africa region,  the result of this conference was signing of the letter of intent ( LOI) among (AWIMA) and Women in West and Central Africa region(WIMAFRICA).

In addition to the previous discussions about the possible ways to support the cooperation between the two parties.  It was held Sharm ElSheikh - Egypt on 19\9\2018, the fourth annual meeting .

The purpose of this speech is to determine the terms of reference ( TOR), to document the cooperation to agree upon terms of reference to develop the upcoming  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between (AWIMA) and ( WIMAFRICA)

The Permanent Director of the General Secretariat declared her intentions to invite WIMAFRICA.

To attend the first meeting of the Association (AWIMA), that will be held in Alexandria - Egypt on the first quarter of the year 2019. WIMAFRICA appreciated that it will attend this continental conference as a supervisor.

To clarify AWIMA’S situation that has been established in October 2017, the national entity is still under construction. The reason of participation is to establish a way of communication with other Women’s association that is established in Africa, to exchange knowledge and to learn from each other.

The main topic of the IMO on the Global Maritime day in 2019 is to empower women in the Maritime community, what are the achievements that the WIMA organization should acquire and to raise the flag of gender equality.

Thanks to IMO TCC team for supporting this commission and the conference team for this chance that helped them to get some maritime interests.