Step 1 Terms and Conditions

Conditions and eligibility criteria for the membership of the Arab Women's Association in the maritime sector.
  1. Age: A woman who has not yet reached the age of retirement shall be admitted to the Association.
  2. Working in maritime administrations, maritime academies, maritime sectors or related fields.
  3. The maximum age for any eligible member to receive fellowship funding in support of long-term training (over 3 months) is 52 years, to allow adequate years of service to apply knowledge and skills acquired.
  4. In order for the candidate to be eligible for long-term training under the auspices of the Arab Women's Association in the maritime sector, the nominating country must formally agree on ensuring return of the fellowship to the administration to which they belong to work at for a certain number of years.
  5. A member of the Arab Women's Association in the Maritime Sector must be a university graduate in a maritime field or a ship captain or a lecturer in a maritime field or a marine management officer, or a maritime worker at a professional level for at least 5 years.

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